Rock Belling Bucket

Rock Belling Bucket

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Brand Name︰suny

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


Diameter range:500-2440mm,length range:1200-5000mm.

Main Applications

For projects that required enlarged pile bases.When conditions of soil are stable (mainly cohesive), belling buckets are used for enlarging the pile base. By use of the leverage system and application of vertical crowd force on the push rod, the cutting arms are gradually opened. The drilled material falls into the open shell of the bucket. The cutting arms are closed by upward movement of the kelly bar which transmits the pull onto the push rod.


High quality steel with fine craftsmanship



Max.bottom belling

Max.cone height

Total height
KD600 560 1200 800 2200
KD800 760 1600 1000 2400
KD1000 960 2000 1200 2500
KD1200 1160 2400 1350 2950
KD1500 1460 3000 1600 3250
KD1800 1760 3600 1950 3650
KD2000 1960 4000 2450 4100

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